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Community Liaison

Careers at EMH

In this role, you will Foster and maintain relationships between Executive Mental Health and the many Skilled Nursing Facilities we have contracted with.

  • • Cultivating relationships with referral sources to generate repeat referrals. Checking in/out with key staff; asking for suggestions or recommendations on how we can improve our services in their buildings; Asking for their opinion on performance of assigned clinicians to their buildings. This check-in is done on a weekly basis.
  • • Works with the Manager of Community Liaisons to bring awareness of Executive Mental Health’s strengths and services into settings needing mental health support.
  • • Must be tactful and political with management of relationships. Be able to think in “big picture” form when strategizing, problem solving, or creating marketing plans to achieve company growth goals.
  • • You must be sensitive to the needs of the building and even anticipate certain needs.
  • • Collaborating with facility personnel regarding referrals, gathering patient information and history while maintaining HIPAA compliance regarding Protected Health Information and Patient Privacy Practices.
  • • Reviewing patient charts for Physicians Orders for both Psychology Evals/Treatments and Neuropsychology Evaluations.
  • • Collaborating with facility staff to identify appropriate referrals, including facility audits. Gather face sheets to fax/email to the Billing Office for eligibility check.
  • • Informing clinicians of eligibility results to ensure approved patients are added to their caseload. Also informing the building of eligibility results to keep them informed of who will be seen for services.
  • • Provide support to assigned clinicians with issues in the building, referral increase.
  • • Must be able to have difficult conversations with building with low referral flow to identify a potential unknown factor.
  • • Collaborating with facility staff to identify appropriate referrals, including facility audits. Gather face sheets to fax/email to the Billing Office for eligibility check.
  • • Perform an audit consisting of reviewing all patients seen by EMH, checking for MD order and that all completed reports are in the patient’s chart. Summary of audit will be reviewed with point person of each facility.
  • • Maintaining of electronic calendar neuropsychology referrals.
  • • Provides summary of the building visits will be sent daily to the Manager of Community Liaisons. Summary must include any feedback given by facility staff, positive points as well as any issues/concerns.
  • • Trains new clinicians to the flow of a building, identifying key staff, educating them on the various resources available to assist in gathering needed information.
  • • Maintain good communication with team members and relay all pertinent information which can affect positively or negatively any relationship with the buildings.
  • • Coordinating between facility staff and clinicians on how to utilize Telehealth and scheduling visits.
  • • Providing Device Technician scheduling needs for facilities that are in your region.
  • • Providing Device Technician recruiting needs to manage Telehealth needs in your region.
  • • Must be flexible to act as a Device Technician for facilities in need of coverage.
  • • Must be able to commute throughout the region that you are currently managing.

Facility Acquisition:

  • • Set weekly dials
  • • Summary of completed weekly dials sent to Manager, Director of Operations, and Chief Clinical Officer.
  • • Successful closure of two new business acquisitions per month.

Job Flexibility: Job description above are duties that are essential functions, or fundamental duties. The essential functions of Community Liaison within the classification description may differ. Executive Mental Health, Inc., may assign reasonably related additional duties to this position, assigning or re-assigning responsibilities are based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, job performance, staffing needs and demand.


  • • Dress in professional attire as you will be representing Executive Mental Health. We want to showcase professionalism from our staff as well as be respectful while interacting in a facility.
  • • Demonstrates exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • • Customer service oriented.
  • • Experience working in or knowledge of roles within a Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Hospital settings.
  • • Must be an active listener.
  • • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of electronic health records.
  • • Knowledge of medical terminology and coding.
  • • Excellent organizational skills and be an effective time manager and multi-tasker.
  • • Accountable for productivity and time management.
  • • Conducting presentations on various topics requested by the facilities. If it is a clinical topic, assisting and coordinating with available clinicians to present. Attend QAPI meeting, Care Conferences when requested by a SNF, and any other requests that may be required based on facility needs.
  • • Must attend; facilities that are managed weekly, meetings that are requested, and behavioral management meetings.